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Reviews & testimonials

  • I was in need of an asset search for a party that was trying to avoid paying a judgment. I hired 2 other investigators that gave me big promises, but after I paid they told me they couldn't get the information. I hired Sal and he was true to his word. He explained to me what other companies call an "asset search" is really just a property search. Litigation Investigators performed a "Financial Search" and found everything I was looking for to enforce the judgment. Yes, he wasn't the cheapest, but he delivered on his promises. The amount I was able to levy on the banks and assets Sal and his team found far outweighed what I spent on the Financial Search. I highly recommend calling Sal first. Don't shop for the lowest price like I did because I just ended up spending more. BTW, his services extend nationwide for this type of search.
    Thomas S.
  • I initially hired Sal and his crew at Litigation Investigators to perform background checks on potential employees and clients. I'm glad I did as a few applicants were not truthful in their interviews or on their applications. As well as some possible clients had been less then upfront with their past as well. The clients I passed on based on Mr. Hanna's thorough investigation ended up not paying the firm that took their business. I found Mr. Hanna and his crew to be very dedicated, knowledgeable and professional. I have also use them for personal and executive protection details. I'm very happy with all services I have received from them and highly recommend them.
    Betty S.
  • Sal is great to talk to.  He answers every question patiently and professionally. They do exactly what they tell you they will do. It's customized to each person's needs, not just a 1 size fits all approach. I would highly recommend Sal and his team.
    Patricia C.
  • Litigation Investigators has assisted several attorneys in our firm with difficult and rush serves, with no problem.  LI/Sal has managed to locate and serve parties who have evaded service attempts from other process servers and law enforcement.  Dedicated and trustworthy.
    Karl T.
  • Most people search high and low to get the best of the best but I was blessed enough to have hired in my opinion the very Best in the industry on the 1st try. Sal and his crew are extremely professional, polite, and knowledgeable. Ohh, and did I mention very good prices?! Yes! If I had the capital I would gladly throw in a bonus for Sal and his Expert Crew for their great work! Special Thanks to Bryan and Roger for working on my case-Thank You Gentlemen!!!
    Billy R.
  • Sal Hanna served a restraining order for me. He was very professional, detail oriented, and completed the task very quickly. I definitely recommend him for any services you might need.
    Kelly M.
  • Sal is an absolute savant when it comes to digging up vital information to help build a case. I highly recommend his services, regardless of the nature of the investigation that you need. Sal is efficient, reliable, methodical, and just the type of person you want on your side. Highly recommend his work ethic and his company!
    Louis R.
  • As another investigator, it's a pleasure working with Sal and his team. He is very diligent and detailed in his work and it's great working with another team player!
    Gregory J.
  • This company was great! Very knowledgeable in many aspects, easy to talk to, great customer service. I have used them for process service (which was executed perfectly) and referred them to a friend for background checks- she does Corporate HR and she also loved them.  I will continue to refer them to Realtors, Attorneys and any friends needing security or process service! Very professional, thanks!
    Cole S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire a Private Investigator?

Fees are based on type of services performed. We offer a free case consultation to help establish services needed and costs associated with the service estimate.

Our typical hourly fee is $125/hr for most services.

What type of agreement is required?

A retainer is required to initiate our services. Some retainers have an evergreen requirement and outline the specific terms. As each case is different, our free consultation will determine what retainer is needed.

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Why don't you work for the general public?

Litigation Investigators is a speciality Private Investigation Agency that caters to Law Firms and Businesses. Our service offerings are specific to their needs.

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Do you offer Public Speaking or Training?

Yes! We have Experts in many fields and accept engagements for public speaking or corporate training events. We can provide custom training too.

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What's your area of service?

We provide service is Southern California and provide Corporation Filing and monitoring in all 50 states.

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